Healing the Hurt

Healing the Hurt: A Guide for Developing Services for Torture Survivors was developed by The Center for Victims of Torture for practitioners who may or may not have worked previously with torture survivors. It is a multidisciplinary guide that addresses some basic considerations when working with this population. This handbook is a primer, and it should not take the place of more in-depth training in torture treatment. We hope you find this resource helpful in your work with torture survivors. Various chapters are referred to under Providers Resources at HealTorture.org. Access to all handbook chapters is available by downloading the PDF files.

Follow the links online to read or download Healing the Hurt chapter by chapter, or download the combined (large) file here.

Healing the Hurt has also been translated into Korean, and may be downloaded here.


Thanks Lemi!

Thanks Lemi. Best wishes to you.

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