The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights (formerly the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights) is a volunteer-based legal organization seeking to promote and protect human rights. They work locally, nationally, and internationally on human rights issues affecting various populations including children, women, refugees, immigrants, and marginalized populations.


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Electronic Harassment, DEWs, Covert Community Stalking

Please, what resources are available for medical intervention and/or law enforcement investigations for victims of this horrendous growing torture phenomenon in the US? In MA? In Boston? My last request for information, a lengthy email to DHHS, was deleted unexplainably before my eyes 2 minutes ago. And I am at a public library. Where can victims obtain any help at all without having to lie about their symptoms or risk being further victimized? Thank you. Please send a copy of this to my email.

Heal Torture is committed to

Heal Torture is committed to ensuring all survivors of torture receive services appropriate to individual needs. If you are interested in talking to our staff about services in your area we invite you to email us at:

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