Benefits of Evaluation

The benefits of evaluating your organization go far beyond the completion of an annual report.  Evaluation empowers you to demonstrate the success of your activities and programs with certainty and statistical confidence.   You can examine a specific process to highlight strengths or identify areas for improvement. 

As you review this introductory material, you will discover that you already perform many processes that are part of evaluation.  Many of your existing routine activities overlap with the steps of systematic evaluation.  The transition to start a formal evaluation process is approachable and painless.

Outcome Based Evaluation: Planning, Process & Implementation

Joan Othieno reviews the stages needed to plan an evaluation of your center’s outcomes. She reviews the key benefits of performing an evaluation. She defines terminology, including the distinction between evaluating a process and evaluating different types of outcomes. She provides examples that may help you choose an item to measure for your own outcomes evaluation. She describes how to use a logic model and concept maps to define your own assumptions and goals. She provides numerous examples of program objectives: these may help you define objectives for your own evaluation.

Performance Measurement – Using Data to Improve Quality

In this webinar Dr. Edward Cohen speaks directly to torture treatment providers, to identify ways you can evaluate your Center’s performance. Dr. Cohen explains the basic terminology of performance measurement. His examples cover different areas of service, and may help you identify which aspects of your own program you could measure, and the need to focus your collection of data to the item being measured. He discusses how evaluation not only helps you report the success of your program, it allows you to proactively evaluate the quality of your delivery of services.