Case Management 101: Writing Case Notes

Featuring Joan Hodges-Wu, MA, this video advises case managers for torture survivors on writing good case notes. This video was produced by the National Capacity Building Project, a project of the Center for Victims of Torture.

This video includes what case notes are and why good case notes are important, what makes a good case note, provides a structure for writing good case notes, and introduces the concept of the mental status observation, which can be useful in writing case notes.

This video is the second in the Case Managment 101 video series, featuring Joan Hodges-Wu, MA. Don't miss the first video, Case Management 101: Client Boundaries.


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Re-capturing case management 101

Christina's picture

Thank you Joan for your 101 case management video. I have been away from case management and your video helped me to get back to what I really enjoy doing. You show the importance of case noting and also why it's so gratifying when it comes to helping someone in need. Keep up your great teachings.

Great Information

Darlene N.'s picture

Thank you for creating this video and providing PDFs. I'm new to case management and this has been a great example of how my notes should look.

Case Management 101 Video

Arlisha Edwards's picture

This was a major help to me. When writing case notes, I always thought I would give t0o little or too much information. I was happy to see the checklist provided. I now have a tool to use when creating case notes. Thanks so much!


Shawntee's picture

This video is amazing

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