Medical Billing for SOT Programs

Programs that serve survivors of torture can earn income through medical billing. While setting up medical billing is complex, it provides valuable income that can help a program to extend its reach. Medical billing can be handled in-house, or can be outsourced. This table summarizes some of the advantages and disadvantages of handling medical billing in-house or by outsourcing.

In-house billing
  • retaining control over your billing
  • being able to answer questions and make changes quickly
  • having a predictable return on investment. 
  • cost of specialized medical billing tools and technology
  • cost & difficulty of staffing
  • cost of registration with a clearinghouse
  • lack of internal support
Outsourced billing*
  • economies of scale
  • high quality staff
  • dedicated & trained specialists
  • use provider time to run successful practice (rather than to bill)
  • avoid complexities of billing (68,000 codes)
  • get paid faster
  • lower stress
  • increase in revenue and decrease in cost
  • may not pursue all outstanding balances if low
  • billers are not immediately available in your office
  • percentage paid could be higher than in-house billing department cost: evaluate to be sure

*Average cost of outsourced billing ranges from 5-10% of collections


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