Mental health

This selected set of mental health resources was compiled in early 2014, especially for people who may not be as familiar with torture survivors' mental health needs. For additional mental health information, explore the Mental Health section of the web site.

Children and Youth:   These resources are intended for professionals working with children in need of specialized mental health services, educational and housing support, medical attention, and employment and public benefits. Resources include:

  • Expert presentations, with such topics as:
  • Serving children who are torture survivors
  • Evidence-based treatment models in trauma work with children, adolescents and families
  • Trauma-focused assessment and treatment for children;
  • Studies of adversity, resilience, and child mental health
  • Disrupted attachments and how torture threatens the fabric of family life
  • Scholarly articles, with such topics as:
  • Effects of torture, war and violence on children and youth
  • Resilience and protective factors
  • Intervention strategies
  • Program development resources
  • Family reunification resources
  • Interventions and measures, with such topics as:
  • Adapted modified aggression scale
  • Youth assessment questionnaire

Additional Webinar Trainings on Mental Health: