Mental Health Groups

Many professionals serving torture survivors find that group therapy is an effective and useful option.

Orientation group: 4 week group therapy manual for clinicians

Developed by the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture program, this manual outlines a short-term, supportive, psychoeducational group therapy model for survivors of torture and severe war trauma. Goals, strategies and weekly planning information are included in this manual.

This manual is included here as it can be easily adapted to include or target reunified families.

Restorative Retelling: Accommodating Bereavement After the Violent Death of a Loved One


Restorative Retelling is a therapeutic group treatment approach to working with people who have lost loved ones to violent deaths. This model was designed to moderate internalized trauma and separation distress by focusing on three distinct processes within the group:  restoring resilience, retelling and commemorating the living memory of the deceased and self, and “exposing” and retelling the death story.

Restoring Hope and Dignity CVT Manual

This is a Center for Victims of Torture (CVT)-produced manual focusing specifically on CVT’s group counseling intervention. It has been developed based on CVT’s 15 years of group counseling experience around the world, in combination with a review of the current literature in the field, contributions from CVT’s internal experts, external peer reviewers, field counselors, and feedback from former CVT clients.