Office of Refugee Resettlement

The Services for Survivors of Torture program (SOT) is a program of the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Division of Refugee Health. It is committed to assisting persons who have experienced torture abroad and who are residing in the United States, to restore their dignity and health and rebuild their lives as they integrate into their communities.


The recent memo on ACF Grant Flexibilities has extended the semi-annual reporting deadline for 90 days (PDF icon IM-ACF-OA-2020-01 ACF COVID Flexibilities (FINAL March 30 2020) (002)-signed).  The next semi-annual Performance Progress Report (PPR) and Federal Financial Report (FFR) is now due by July 30, 2020.  Please refer to the ORR SOT semi-annual report guidance for more information (PDF icon ORR SOT Semi-Annual PPR and PDP Guidance FY2020v.2).  The memo also allows grantees to submit abbreviated non-competing continuation (NCC) requests.  The deadline for submitting the NCC request/application remains the same May 14 (Thursday), 2020. 

All reports should be submitted directly to

PDF iconORR SOT Semi-Annual PPR and PDP Guidance FY2020v.2 To learn how to use GrantSolutions, see the training videos available here. To add a new user, follow these instructions. For assistance with GrantSolutions, you can contact their helpdesk:

The ORR page on Managing Federal Grants may also be helpful to you.

Documents for ORR Reporting

Reporting documents are always available on the ORR report forms website. For your convenience, the following forms are most important for SOT programs:

These files were current as of December 21, 2018.

Performance measurement

Significant guidance is available in the evaluation section of this website.


ORR grantees receiving Survivors of Torture funds are expected to determine eligibility for SOT services according to the definition given in the United States Torture Victims Relief Act legislation. Proof of eligibility should be reflected in the client file in a consistent format. Two documents were created by ORR SOT program staff to aid programs in making this determination for each potential client.

The first one is policy guidance.

The second one is a sample eligibility form.

The 2016 webinar, Who is a Torture Survivor: Understanding the Legal Definitions of Torture, and accompanying documents, is very helpful with regard to questions of eligibility.

If you still have questions about whether a specific potential client fits the definition, you can contact ORR staff directly or use the NCB Heal_Torture_Talk listserv (without divulging any patient health information or other identifying information) for peer guidance. For more information on the listserv as well as how to sign up.

PDF icon DATA_SOT PDP Database Grantee User Guide.pdf 

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