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The National Capacity Building Project (NCB) offers free, remote consultations to meet pressing issues at torture survivor programs and refugee-serving organizations.

What is a consultation with NCB?

It is an opportunity for you and your program to work with an expert and seek their advice on issues or a specific question regarding your work. NCB has experts that we can draw on to help you.

What are some examples of issues or questions that NCB can help us with?

  • What are some resources on secondary trauma?
  • We have some questions about client confidentiality.
  • How do you screen for torture survivor eligibility?
  • How can you monitor and evaluate your program?
  • We have some questions on reporting.
  • What are the important elements of documentation for asylum?
  • We are looking for an expert to help us doing a forensic evaluation in our state.
  • Where can I find information on the basics of working with torture survivors for new staff?
  • What kind of group treatment might be best for our clients?
  • What are some tips for interpreters working with torture survivors?

How does a consultation with NCB work?

Reach out to us with your specific question or issue and we will connect with you by email, phone or video conference.

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