Andrea Northwood, PhD

Director of Client Services, The Center for Victims of Torture

Dr. Northwood has worked at CVT since 1995, where she has served as a clinical psychologist providing psychological evaluation and psychotherapy to survivors of politically motivated torture and their family members, including children and adolescents. Since 2006, she has been responsible for supervising client services staff in program work; providing overall management of the clinic; directing and implementing the development, delivery, and evaluation of services to clients and overseeing the performance and functioning of the client services program.

She has conducted research and has clinical experience in the assessment of post-traumatic stress disorder, cross-cultural issues in assessment, and adolescent identity issues in trauma survivors. She has also been responsible for providing discipline-specific expertise and leadership in client services and in organizational decision-making where clinical expertise in torture rehabilitation is needed. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Child Development from the University of Minnesota.

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