Cris Riley

Crystal Riley, MA, is Coordinator of Research & Development, Intercultural Psychiatric Program at the Oregon Health & Science University. She received her MA degree from George Mason University in 1982. With a background in clinical psychology, research, and program development, Ms. Riley over the last 24 years has developed and served as manager of three IPP programs – The Indochinese Socialization Center (1989–2000), Torture Treatment Center of Oregon (2000–2010), and the IPP’s Child Psychiatric Program (2002–2011). She has clinical experience with 10 of the 18 cultures IPP treats and has served as IPP’s coordinator of clinical research since 1989. In Oregon, Ms. Riley currently serves on the Cultural Competency Workgroup of Health Share, a new Coordinating Care Organization in the Portland Tri-County area and the Community Advisory Committee of the Oregon Office of Integrity and Inclusion.

Presentations & publications: