Laura Pizer Gueron

Volunteer Physical Therapist, Center for Victims of Torture
Laura Pizer Gueron, Clinical Doctorate in PT, M Public Health Education, has been a physical therapist for 34 years. She graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983 with a BS in PT, received a master’s degree in Public Health Education from the University of Minnesota in 1990, and then her clinical doctorate in PT from Shenandoah University in 2010. She completed her Therapeutic Pain Specialist certification in 2016. 
Laura has been affiliated with the Center for Victims of Torture for 27 years, including 22 years as a volunteer physical therapist with clients in Minnesota and 5 years as the Physiotherapy Clinical Advisor for programs in Kenya.
She has been a physical therapist or PT trainer in Thailand, Israel, India, Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and serves as guest lecturer and mentor for a group of doctoral physical therapy students at the University of Minnesota, in the topics of sexuality and disability and treatment principles when working with survivors of torture and other forms of trauma.
She also works as a physical therapist at Gillette Lifetime Specialty Care Clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota, working with teens and adults with childhood-onset conditions.
Laura co-authored a book chapter about this topic with 4 other CVT PT’s in 2018, in Physiotherapy in Mental Health and Psychiatry: a Scientific and Clinical Based Approach, and co-created a Facebook group for physical therapists interested in working with survivors of torture and other forms of trauma, in 2016.