What resources are available to students researching the healing process of torture survivors?

Many of the resources at HealTorture.org will be useful to students.

You may want to start with Survivors of War, Oppression, and Torture: Information for Students. This is a PDF of a special bibliography that was created by volunteers and staff of the Center for Victims of Torture as a resource for high school and college students seeking information on survivors of war-related violence residing in the United States. Each section contains a short definition or relevant quote, followed by a list of resources such as books, websites, videos, and organizations. The activities section contains exercises that can be used in discussion groups to increase awareness of what refugees in the United States may have experienced.

Review the Provider Resources, and the additional specific resources for each provider type. The bibliographies for each provider type may be especially useful for you in extending your research. We also recommend reading Healing the Hurt.