Data Model for a Client Data Management System

Part of the Client Data Toolkit, this is a generic data model for the client services database of a Torture Treatment Center. This model is a generic representaion of the type of data that might be used by a Torture Treatment Center providing direct client care services. There are thirty-one tables used for client demographics.

  • One main client table called T_Client.
  • Fifteen related client tables beginning with T_Client.
  • Thirty code tables used to lookup information in drop-down boxes.
  • The T_Client table stores one record for each client identified by a unique ClientID number.
  • The lines connecting each table show the relationships between the tables.
  • Lines between the main T_Client table and all related tables beginning with T_Client are one-to-many. This means one client can have many records in each related table. For instance, the table T_ClientService holds all records for services provided.


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