Multidimensional Mental Health Service Provider Checklist

The Multidimension Mental Health Service Provider Checklist is being developed by the Center for Victims of Torture to facilitate a participative assessment of a small agency that provides mental health services to victims of organized violence and torture. It is organized across three inter-connected domains: capacity to deliver mental health services; the level of organizational development in support of mental health services; and, monitoring and evaluation of mental health services. Each domain is sub-divided into approximately 20 sections each of which contains between 5 and 10 items. Items are designed to be as specific as possible and are assessed using a simple “no”, “partly”, “yes” format. The entire checklist comprises 376 items. There is a tool for scoring the Multidimension Mental Health Provider Checklist that provides summary scores and charts that are useful for presenting the information.

Feedback on the usefulness of this tool is very welcome.

As this tool is under development, a revised version is forthcoming.


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