Survivors of torture and trauma: A special group of patients with chronic pain

Roche, P. (1992). Australian Physiotherapy, 38(2), 156-157.
This article was reviewed by a physical therapy student at the University of Minnesota. More information is to follow. 
A copy of the article may be obtained free of charge from Dignity-Danish Institute Against Torture by emailing them at and including your mailing address.
This brief letter describes where physical therapists may find more information about the special needs of torture survivors as well as common sequelae from torture and recommendations for physical therapy treatment.
Two major sources of information for therapists treating survivors of torture and terror:
  1. Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT) in Denmark
    1. Rheumatologists, physiotherapists, and psychotherapists
    2. Provides literature and information regarding the presentation and treatment of survivors upon request
  2. Deeper understanding of chronic pain
    1. Importance of approaching chronic pain therapy from both psychological and physical dimensions
    2. Avoid exacerbation of psychological trauma
    3. Most common form of torture includes beatings on head, body and genitals followed by electric shock torture, Falanga, and violent asphyxiation.


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