Torture Rehabilitation Bibliography - Q4 2015

CVT's Partners in Trauma Healing (PATH) creates bibliographies every quarter. The PATH bibliography is a resource for current literature on the topic of the mental health status of and treatments for torture survivors, war trauma survivors, refugees, and asylum seekers. This also includes research in the areas of social work that relate directly to the psychological wellbeing of these populations. The bibliography includes peer reviewed journal article citations in these areas; select original summaries of those articles; and links to the publicly available abstracts and full text versions of these articles. This bibliography is updated and distributed on a quarterly basis. The bibliography does not currently include articles on policy and advocacy.

This bibliography (from Q4, 2015) contains: 

  • Selected Article Summaries:
    • "Linking Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Practices with Research Is Needed In Humanitarian Contexts"
    • "How to quantify exposure to traumatic stress? Reliability and predictive validity of measures for cumulative trauma exposure in a post-conflict population"
  • Selected Article Citations (organized by topic):
    • Health
    • Refugees
    • Trauma
    • Women
    • Youth/Children

Partners in Trauma Healing is made possible through the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development and the American peoples’ support.


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