Rape as a Weapon of War

Controlled Trial of Psychotherapy for Congolese Survivors of Sexual Violence

Torture survivors are frequently survivors of sexual assault as well. In this trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 16 villages either received cognitive processing therapy (1 individual session and 11 group sessions) or individual support to female sexual-violence survivors with high levels of PTSD symptoms and combined depression and anxiety symptoms. Group psychotherapy reduced PTSD symptoms and combined depression and anxiety symptoms and improved functioning.

Rape and sexual assault

Rape and sexual violence are commonly used methods of torture.  Providers of services including medical, legal, psychological, or social services to immigrant and refugee populations should be aware of the possibility that their clients may have been subjected to sexual or gender-based violence before, during, or after their refugee journey.


"Healing and The Pursuit of Justice: Challenging Sexual Assault as an Instrument of War"


Part 1 – Rape and Sexual Assault as a Weapon of War

Part 2 –  The Effects of Sexual Assault on Refugee Women

Part 3 –  A Human Rights Approach to Sexual

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