Fundraising for Torture Treatment


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Tuesday, 10 March 2020




Torture treatment programs face unique fundraising challenges and opportunities in these competitive times.  

In this webinar we will hear from two organizations - one a stand-alone program, and one that is embedded within a larger organization - about how torture treatment programs can meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the current fundraising climate. 

Topics will include:  what are the tools that can help you develop an effective fundraising program in your organization; what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a program embedded in a larger organization such as a hospital or community-based organization; what kind of revenue generation is appropriate for your organization; creating a fundraising culture at your organization.


1. Describe basic concepts related to fundraising at SOT organizations:

  • operating funding and project funding
  • restricted revenue vs. unrestricted revenue
  • available fundraising tools
  • components of a grant proposal

2. Connect fundraising concepts to their own organization’s needs:

  • appropriate kinds of revenue generation
  • appropriate staff and stakeholders to involve in fundraising efforts
  • how to start writing a fundraising plan
  • how to look at projects through different lenses to identify new funding      

3. Outline key considerations related to fundraising within embedded programs:

  • the concept of an “embedded program”
  • advantages and disadvantages
  • key fundraising strategies


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