Love, War, and Healing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This webinar, from September 2, 2015, features Erin Morgan, PhD, LMFT, formerly of the Center for Victims of Torture. This webinar is part of the National Capacity Building (NCB) webinar series. NCB is a project of the Center for Victims of Torture.


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Wednesday, 02 September 2015



Per Dr. Ibrahim Kira (Torture 2004) “family therapy is a missing part of torture treatment. Torture treatment will not be effective if it ignores family dynamics and the long and short term effects of the transmission of torture effects to the spouse & children.”  Recognizing that clinicians working with survivors of torture could benefit from a more systematic approach to work with couples and families this presentation by Erin Morgan, PhD, LMFT, will highlight a relational intervention in torture treatment and explore qualitative research outcomes in multi-couple group interventions. This session is informed by Erin’s field experience in Pweto, Democratic Republic of Congo where she spent a year as a psychotherapist/trainer with the Center for Victims of Torture.


After attending this webinar participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss the need for more systemic models in treating torture and trauma
  2. Describe the value of one relational intervention in torture treatment.
  3. List the qualitative research outcomes of couples' responses in this multi-couple group intervention
  4. Discuss the experiences of the clinician/principal investigator of this new modality, as well as that of the psychosocial counselors


Erin Morgan, PhD, LMFT, worked with CVT from 2007-2014 before going into private practice. In her role as a CVT headquarters-based International Services Clinical Consultant for DRC and the PATH Project, she brought direct field experience from a year in Pweto, Democratic Republic of Congo, where she was a CVT psychotherapist/trainer. Before joining CVT, Erin worked as a therapist at Meta Resources in St. Paul. As part of her doctoral work at the University of Minnesota she collaborated on a research/capacity-building project in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and participated in an NIMH-funded project implementing a parenting intervention for Latina single mothers. Previously, Erin worked as a therapist with children, couples and families at Inova Kellar Center and the Center for Family Services in Virginia, and at two domestic violence programs in Georgia. She participated in a number of research projects, including: AddHealth Adoption Research Project, Virginia Adolescent Resiliency Assessment Project, Domestic Violence in the Military Project, Child Sexual Behavior Inventories, and Psychopathy and Fearlessness Study. Erin received her PhD in 2015 from the University of MN in the Family Social Science Program, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Tech, and her BA from Tufts University. 


Dr. Morgan's dissertation, the basis for this webinar. Available free here through the University of Minnesota.

The PowerPoint for this webinar is attached below.


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